Fourteen weeks today.
Fourteen whole weeks since this little madam arrived.
Fourteen whole weeks of love.


I actually cannot believe how fast time is flying now! Honestly, part of me wants time to slow right down, but the other part of me can’t wait to watch her grow and conquer the world! Every week i feel like she’s making leaps!

We had a pretty eventful start to the new year that involved a trip to Out of Hours after a particularly nasty vomit of blood from little Liv. Naturally, I did the worst thing I could do, and panicked… I was eventually scraped off the ceiling and fortunately got speaking to a lovely nurse practitioner who booked us an urgent appt at the hospital. Thankfully, they reckoned it was irritation of the oesophagus from the vomiting rather than anything life threatening….
Enough was enough though and I needed to get to the bottom of the vomiting (cue the angry lioness routine) and i fought with the GP for a trial of prescription formula. Various professionals had mentioned milk allergy over the past couple of weeks however nobody was willing to make the call. This bloody vomit however, seemed to finally be enough for them to prescribe a trial tub.
This has only been day one of it so it’s too early to tell yet but I’m hoping and praying this might be an answer to my poor little girls pain and misery.
At first, i worried she wouldnt take to the formula – It smelt like actual feet. So god only knows what it tasted like. However, clearly she takes after her mama and will eat anything given to her (good luck to you gal!) as she guzzled the bottle in record time.
Keep your fingers and toes crossed that this helps. As much as I’d love for her not to have an allergy, it’s thankfully something that most babies grow out of eventually and I’d rather have an answer than it be “one of those things” and to see her continue to struggle.

Despite the reflux being so bad, we’re lucky that for the majority of the time, she’s a content wee soul.
She’s always slept fairly well considering and unless her reflux is really playing up, she settled well.
This last week, we have seen a dramatic improvement in her night time sleeps. She has actually slept from 9pm-ish to between 5 & 6am.
Yeah, you read right.
If only the me from 10 weeks ago could’ve seen the me now!! Although I doubt I would’ve believed it.
I didn’t sleep for eight whole hours of course. Between checking on her breathing, listening out for anything closely resembling a whimper and just waiting for her to wake up, I wasted a lot of precious sleep time. I just don’t think my body (or mind) was willing to believe it was actually happening.
We bit the bullet and purchased a MyHummy and I really do believe this has had a positive effect on her sleeping. She has always responded well to white noise but without naming names, I was getting pretty fed up of clicking a certain black leg every 20mins when she was stirring (which happened a lot during the night…) MyHummy responds to movement and starts up on its own accord. Genuine sanity saver. I doubt the damn thing has been off since we got it, and my entire maternity wage is going to be spent on batteries, but I genuinely don’t care. If it means i’m going to be well rested, and there’s a CHANCE I might once again be a joy to be around, I’m gonna take it!

We had our first baby class yesterday. Wow….. Are all baby classes designed to just take the piss out your baby for an hour?! Or just this one??
In the cutest way possible of course!
We had her dressed up in various outfits and hats and sang to them, danced with them and bounced them around. It was genuinely the most horrific, yet at the same time, (dare I say it) fun experience of my time as a mother! I got speaking to other mums and it definitely wasn’t as scary as I imagined. Hell, Liv even had a wee cry and I didn’t get swallowed up into a giant vortex as I’d imagined would happen. In fact, not one mum batted an eyelid at me. That’s how normal it must be for a baby to cry at these things.
I’m ALMOST looking forward to the next one….. 🙈🙈

Finally, I decided enough was enough and it was time to shift this baby weight. The thought gives me the actual fear – since rekindling our relationship during pregnancy, me & chocolate have been getting on SO well. I don’t know if I’m ready to cut him out my life again.
However, my hips and thighs are more than ready for him to go so i’m afraid it’s time….
Wish me luck mummies!

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