Eighteen weeks today.
Eighteen whole weeks since this little madam arrived.
Eighteen whole weeks of love.


I can’t actually believe we’re at the 4 month mark already. Back in the sleepless, hormone filled craze that was the newborn period, I envisioned this time and thought to myself how much easier it would be.
I really need to stop doing that to myself….you know, giving myself all sorts of false hope an stuff.
Yes, the newborn problems are an already distant memory (surprisingly!) But in its place are a whole lot of new hurdles in its place…..

The hurdles feel slightly less overwhelming just now.
Yes, i did just say this. And mean it.
Liv has finally started listening to these silent prayers and bribes I’ve been doing non-stop since she was about 6 weeks old, and is letting me have a good nights sleep.
I’m sorry to all the mums out there who still aren’t getting much and even more sorry to the mums out there who have had the 4 month sleep regression hit bad, but life is so much more cope-able when sleep returns to your life.
I’m not getting too cocky here of course, because we haven’t reached the regression stage yet. Although Liv is 4months old, she’s still only 13 weeks corrected, and I do believe it’s more likely to go on corrected age.
For now though, I’ll take advantage of the sweet, sweet sleep that has been re-introduced to my life.

The night time sleep may have been ‘cracked’ – but the naps in the daytime? Not so simple.
Olivia seems to only have two extremes – napping 3465hrs of the day. Or not at all.
I used to worry when she slept loads (yeah, I call this my insanity period) – Now I’d chew off my left arm some days, for a time when she’d just close her eyes long enough for me to grab my daily 15 second shower.
There are only two places that she naps well just now- her pram and in the car. I’ve started setting up a snack station in my car for the ever more frequent times where she eventually falls asleep just as I’m parking up at the house….. you know, the times where the quietest clicking of the seatbelt being released means the eyes ping open for another umpteen hours of awake time. It’s so much safer to sit ‘statue-still’ in the car and browse Facebook until you’ve literally reached back to 2009 on someone you barely knows page. Least I have snacks now.
The only time she’ll nap well in the house, is when we have an appointment/baby class/social event that means we have to leave the house for a certain time. It’s a sure fire guarantee that she’ll fall asleep for at least 32hours just before we need to get ready. How soul destroying is it waking up a sleeping baby?!

Of course, little Liv hasn’t had the best week to ‘help’ these naps along. She had her 16 week injections on Tuesday which resulted in a fever and a very upset baby. As if that wasn’t bad enough, her teething has decided to ramp up a gear. And, because things tend to come in three, life decided to give my poor little baby, a little flare up of her reflux again. Why does teething have to worsen reflux?! It’s not as if either are a walk in the park, so combining the two is potentially going to lead to breakdown territory. And considering my husband is already struggling with how much more emotional I am about everything, I can only imagine he might start pressing on with this ‘spare room’ that he’s started clearing out….

The optimistic part of me hopes it might just be down to a rough week. The realistic part of me thinks this may be a ‘gentle introduction to the regression.
I’m clinging on to the hope that it’s just a little phase because I don’t know what I’m struggling to cope with more – the thought that my house may never be clean & tidy ever, ever again if my 30 minute ‘power clean’ naps are no more, or the fact that now it’ll be near on impossible to enjoy homes under the hammer with a cuppie and a chocolate biscuit 😉

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