Nineteen weeks today.
Nineteen whole weeks since this little madam arrived.
Nineteen whole weeks of love.

If I was granted one superpower in life just now, i would opt for the ability to speak and understand ‘Babynese.’

Liv has DEFINITELY found her voice over this past little while. It’s without a doubt, one of the most amazing things listening to her little voice speak away – responding to our voices and copying the tones. I think we’ll have a little chatterbox on our hands soon. Shes got this super cute way of copying my ‘byeeeee’ that i shout to my husband as he leaves for work. Its literally nonsense, but she’s copying my tone and if you listen carefully and have your mum brain in gear, you can totally convince yourself that your baby is some kind of quick developing child genius. Its super cute.
On a side note – friends, please remind me of the time I found all this stuff about her babbling away cute, because there’s gonna come a day (probably too soon) that she’ll be asking me ‘why’ for the 473rd time and I’ll be pouring my fifth gin of the morning…..

While the cooing and babbling are amazing, the part that involves her cries becoming louder is not so cute. And we’ve had a LOT of crying this week.
I know a lot of parents probably say this, but Liv has never really been a ‘crier.’ She didn’t cry when she was born, she never cried when she was getting poked and prodded in SCBU and she rarely cries day to day, unless she’s super hungry or REALLY sore with her reflux. I would say that’s a trait she gets from her mother, but considering that I cried because I ran out of kitchen wipes the other day, I’m sure most people would disagree.
Anyhoo, as the volume AND frequency of her cries have intensified, it’s becoming harder and harder to not cry along with her. Especially because a lot of the time, I just cannot understand why she’s crying. How amazing would it be if you could just have a little switch to press that could instantly allow you to converse in ‘Babynese’…..
‘Hey Liv, you’ve been crying for quite a while now, what’s up?
‘Oh mum, I’m just feeling a bit cold, could you crank up that heating a bit?? But hey, thanks for the extra feeding, burping, singing and cuddling that you’ve just given me. You shoulda just asked… ‘
‘No probs Liv, I’ll be sure to just ask next time. That way I won’t be close to curling in a ball and rocking as you cry. And cry. And cry some more.

As it is, most of the time, her crying just gets put down to teething. Seems a safe bet to go with when most people come in and look aghast at your screaming baby….
‘Oh it’s such a shame, she’s teething just now’
Then come the nodding heads and the understanding eyes. As if to say ‘good luck, it’s shit. You’ll need to re-stock your gin cupboard.’
It’s so much easier using that excuse rather than admitting you don’t have a scooby why your baby is crying and if you did, said baby would NOT be crying any more.
I definitely have noticed a white bit to her bottom gum and she certainly does show signs of teething – every object possible into mouth, excessive slavers, runny nappies (all delightful) so it may genuinely be down to teething buuuuut it may also not be.
I suppose the guesswork will just have to continue until this whole Babynese thing can become a possibility.

In other news, the battle of who can pile on the most weight in a week is still being won by me. Which is quite frankly embarrassing considering my daughter is absolutely nailing this weight gain business. She’s now doubled her birth weight (YAY!) and she’s all deliciously chubby, with thigh rolls and the folds at her wrists!
Yet here I am, sitting over here, putting her to shame with my 3 chins and outrageous appetite….
I’ve been going to an amazing mum and baby fitness class once a week and combining this with eating really healthy for the rest….. of that day. So it’s hardly surprising I’ve not been having too much success at the ol’ baby weight loss journey. This week though, I’ve upped my game – I’ve managed to squeeze in three workouts and been eating healthy the majority of the time. I took some before photos (WOW!) for some extra motivation so wish me luck folks, it’s starting to depress me being the fattest of the household – and that includes our rotund little doggy….

Finally, while casually browsing my wonder weeks app, it alerted me to the fact that we enter leap 4 in three days time. Before utter panic and desperation strikes, if any of you lovely mums have any words of advice or tips on how to survive through it, it would be much appreciated! Keep your fingers, toes, and any other limb possible crossed for me….

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