25.02 18

Twenty weeks today.
Twenty whole weeks since this little madam arrived.
Twenty whole weeks of love.


Twenty weeks. Almost at the five month mark (How the hell did that actually happen?!) and I’m beginning to realise my tiny baby is no longer my tiny baby anymore. She is no longer content with being fed, burped, changed and cuddle. Oh no, she wants to do it all.

I think Liv has reached the next step of babyhood. Although I’m incredibly excited at seeing her learn things, it’s making me so sad at how fast she’s growing! It actually made me chuckle a little as I wrote that – thinking back to the time of weeks 6-12 of livs life, when every sleepless night felt like 342 years, and how whenever anybody would say ‘oh it’ll go in so fast, make the most of these cuddles’ it would take all my self control not to punch them.
I’m now one of those people. Go figure….

I might’ve guessed Liv would do things her way.
Not content with the normal incubation period, Liv thought she’d just eject herself 5 weeks early. No interest in toys or rolling? That’s ok mum, I’ve got this, I’m just gonna focus on standing, k? And my god does she stand! Those chubby little legs are strong!
I guess I can partly thank reflux for this. (There had to be one benefit?!) The back arching and the constant thrashing, it was often the only way she could tolerate it, was standing. So we’d stand her up until she was less sore. It was inevitable that she’d prefer to stand at ALL TIMES.
So of course, we oblige. And stand her up. To the point where she can now balance herself by just holding on to one of our fingers and the other night, she actually stood while holding onto her beanbag. HOW?! How is my 5lb 10oz baby able to do that now?! She can also grab onto her bottle with both her hands and feed herself for a while. Of course feeding herself would be too helpful. She much prefers to play about with the bottle, spitting the teat out, biting down on it and often just holding it in her mouth…. Which is only mildly irritating when you’ve got someplace to be and she screams as if her life depends on this feed, only for her to take an ounce and then faff around with the rest. Thanks hun…..

Watching little miss independent develop and learn is amazing. When she CAN’T master something however, the frustration is unreal. She now makes it very clear when she’s annoyed or upset or just generally in a mood. The latter half of the week, has been very challenging. The afternoons in particular, nothing has been keeping this gal happy! I feed her, change her, burp her, play with her and settle her, she’ll sleep for 0.6 seconds and we’ll start the whole process again.
After yet another afternoon of continuous whinging and sobbing on Friday, husband comes home and asked if I would like a cup of tea. A CUP OF TEA?! I bloody well would not!! I’ll have a gin…. and I’ll have it strong thanks very much.
I know a big part of it is to do with over-tiredness but how do you get a baby who fights naps to….. well, nap?!
Is it to do with the fact she sleeps well at nights (again, sorry to the mums struggling with sleepless nights!) or is that completely unrelated?

It’s easy to try and analyse why she’s suddenly become so grumpy and clingy at times – overtired/teething/reflux/leap4 – but as I’m constantly reminded by my husband, we will NEVER know what’s wrong with them all the time, so the best we can do is just try and cope the best we can.

If anyone has any suggestions, tips, or even some clues as to why this is happening and if they’re baby is/was the same then throw then my way please. It always helps to know you’re not the only one….

Anyway, the way ive chosen to ‘cope’ tonight, is by drinking that gin i’ve been meaning to since Friday.

Have a great week folks.

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