Twenty one weeks today.
Twenty one whole weeks since this little madam arrived.
Twenty one whole weeks of love.


Two words this week : Storm Emma.
I swear to god, after this week, I could go out there and make my namesake look like a little gust of wind.
Obviously those that enjoy snow days, don’t have young children or babies. I think i lost most of my sanity at the end of day 2; it was completely gone by the middle of day 3. By this point, i was up to date with my washing (rarity), I’d hoovered every inch of every room in the house (obsession) and my house was immaculate…..Pah, who am I kidding, I have a baby now, my house will never be immaculate again. But you get the jist.
I know that with a 5 month old baby, I’m hardly a social butterfly, but I can’t emphasise enough how important getting out that damn house is to me! And my marriage…. If I mention one more thing that my husband has to ‘fix’ or ‘start doing’ in this house, I’m pretty sure he might leave me. It’s so damn hard when you spend 80% of your life in a house that’s a ‘fixer upperer.’ So the only way I combat that, is to spend a good amount of time out and about. Which the Beast of the East and Storm Emma kindly put paid to.

Of course, what didn’t help the situation, was the fact that my husband was away in London with work for the first half of the week.
Single parenting….. talk to me? Who are these heroic individuals that manage this full time?! Not forgetting the off-shore and military partners, you guys too.
Liv had started the week off with an almighty tantrum, lasting pretty much that whole day. Didnt matter what i did, she would cry. And not sleep. Then cry some more. Because she was tired. But still not sleep.
I didn’t have high hopes.
Fortunately, she must have got it all out in a one day spectacle as the following days, she was on brilliant form. Even the days that she was happy and content, were still tough. If I wasn’t feeding or changing or settling her to sleep, I was planning out her next feed while simultaneously putting on a load of washing and stuffing cold scrambled eggs down my throat. I’m sure you’d get into some sort of routine but because my little routine was out of sorts, it meant I was out of sorts. It’s also mental how much you miss having that adult contact even if the extent of our daily conversations are to ask how Liv is feeding/pooing/sleeping.
I’d had the end goal in sight, I just had to spend one more day keeping this tiny human alive on my own, before husband came home.
I could do this!!
Phone call from husband.
Flight cancelled due to Beast from the East.
I totally, could NOT do this.
He had another plan however, which involved flying to an airport further north and driving down. Which would’ve been an excellent plan, had it not involved a dangerous road, the dark, and oh, a s**t ton of snow! Cue me losing what is left of the hair on my head (seriously post partum hair loss, when do you end?!) through worrying until he made it home safely that night.

On another note, we started the weaning process this week. It’s early at 5months but due to her severe reflux and milk protein allergy, we’d been advised by the consultant she’s under, and our health visitor to start it a bit sooner in the hope that it may help. It’ll also give us a head start in what will, most probably, be a bit of a complicated process for us. Why break the habit of a lifetime after all…..
After googling the life out of everything weaning related (seriously, why since becoming a mum, is it necessary to Google EVERYTHING?! It can’t just be me?!) and getting some good advice from my Instagram mum friends, I felt like I was fully prepared and ready to nail this!
Failed at the first hurdle didn’t i?!
Went and bloody fed her the baby rice BEFORE her bottle. She literally took half a spoonful (although most of that probably got spat out or stuck to the hand that was promptly forced into her gob after the spoon) then only took half her usual bottle. Cue her being aggy for the rest of the day, probably cos she was hungry and playing catch up with her feeds. We’re persevering with baby rice for a few days before moving on to the veg. It’s not going amazingly, she has literally boked the last two times we’ve given her it (don’t blame you pet, has anyone tasted it with neocate before?!) but hopefully with a mixture of new veg to try, it’ll be a tiny bit more successful….
Wish us luck!

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