Twenty two weeks today.
Twenty two whole weeks since this little madam arrived.
Twenty two whole weeks of love.


This week was our first proper go at this weaning malarkey. Yes we’d  done the baby rice, with mixed results (and by mixed results, think biking, rice in hair and wild screaming) but now we were ready to start the ‘big girl’ food and roll out the purees!
There’s an absolute ton of information out there related to weaning – books, articles, blogs, all absolutely FILLED with all sorts of relevant advice ranging from the best equipment, what foods to start with, what to avoid etc etc…. so why is it that when you’re due to start this, your mind voids itself of any common sense and you feel completely inept at feeding your own baby?! Is it because there is TOO much info out there so that literally everything you feed your child can simultaneously turn them into a genius while slowly poisoning them?! Or is it because after having your hand held by your health visitor through most of the early stages and big changes of babyhood, all of a sudden you’ve been abandoned in this baby wilderness having to fend for yourself?! It’s such a big topic that’s regularly spoken about, yet when the time comes, there’s nobody really to show or tell you how to do it …..?

So, we did what most parents undoubtedly do, and off we went, to buy every weaning-related appliance possible, in the hope that it would magically make us experts. We bulk bought just about every vegetable possible, obviously believing that our 14lb baby would eat a whole broccoli in her first sitting…..
I decided to start with butternut squash. Easy to puree and tastes reasonably nice in my opinion. How hard can this be?!

Very, as it turns out.

Here’s how the first morning went:
Chucked steamed and blended butternut squash into baby bowl.
Mixed up prescription milk in bottle to add to puree.
Forgot that thickener had been added to bottle already therefore puree in danger of becoming orange cement.
Chucked bottle and repeated.
Pureed squashy goodness ready.
Realised baby bowl wasn’t sterile.
Repeated entire process.
Had mild panic and irrational thoughts relating to unsterile blender, water, entire kitchen range…..
Had stern word with self and presented food to baby.
Baby spat out after one spoonful…..

So what exactly DOES happen, if, after all that palava, they still don’t eat. the. damn. food…..?!
Well, you try another food in the hope that this may be the one and the other two failed attempts were purely because baby was tired/full/teething/other crap excuse. I tried carrots the next day. Ever so slightly more successful in the fact that she took a bit of it without screaming and/or boking. Of course, i committed the cardinal mum sins and gave her it off my finger while she was in the jumperoo…. God forbid she sit still in anything for any length of time. It was at this point, I had to wave my little white flag.

One of the reasons we started this journey so early is because we knew there’d be obstacles along the way and we were under no illusion that it would be easy. Therefore instead of stressing about it not happening and panicking that the baby was all of a sudden going to die of starvation because she hasn’t ate her 0.5 spoonfuls of blended broccoli, we get to just take things at her pace. She has very clearly decided that she’s not up for this food business quite yet so we’re taking a little break for a few days and will try again after.
Am I doing the right thing?
Anyone else have any experience of weaning problems?
Throw your advice this way please, it’s much appreciated, as always.


  1. Oh I remember the joys of weaning in my little ones first weeks 😉
    The best advice I can offer is what my pediatrician advised and it really worked for us so hopefully it may help you too.
    When going on to purees there will definitely be some resistance from little one, with all new flavours coming their way. Try giving the same veg puree at lunch for a week. It will allow little one time to adapt to the flavour and to day by day take more spoonfulls. I know its tough to seem them pulling faces or close their mouth off to you but if you try this way it may help. Every week I tried a different veg puree, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower etc and some she adapted to well straight away but others took a few days. Now I’m able to vary on a daily basis as she has gotten used to most veggies.
    Hope this helps you lovely!


  2. Our baby had a serious hatred of being spoon fed to begin with 🙈 I’m only now (at 7 months) starting to feel that we’re really getting somewhere. To be honest now that he is taking to it better I look back to when I first started (just after 5 months ish) and I can see he really wasn’t ready. It’s so strange how they all go completely at their own pace and heaven forbid if you misjudge it! Lol. Good luck with your weaning journey! x


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