Twenty four weeks today.
Twenty four whole weeks since you came into the world.
Twenty four whole weeks of love.


Shout out to all the mums (and dad’s) that enjoyed the clocks going forward this year! Probably the first year I’ve thought to myself, losing an extra hour at night isn’t a negative if it means that it feels like the baby has slept an hour longer than normal 😂😂

Speaking of sleep, Livs sleep has gone a bit Pete Tong recently. If you’ve been following my previous blogs, you’ll know I’m in the elusive club where my baby actually sleeps at night. I’m extremely apologetic as up until 12 weeks, I was firmly in the ‘never sleeps at all club’ and I know it is very much a ‘want-to-punch-you-in-the-face’ type situation when you meet a mum whose baby sleeps well…
But that’s changed.
Not so much that she’s up all night or having a lot of waking periods (again, sorry) but we have multiple, and I’m talking around 5 or 6 times a night where she will just sob, whinge or outright start crying until I stick that sodding dummy back in.
Only for her to spit it out after 10seconds and repeat the process again an hour later.
Although not physically having to get up, it’s pretty disruptive to any kind of deep sleep when this happens continuously through the night.
The only positive is that she’s literally right beside me in her moses basket so it requires minimal effort and wake up time. She is however, getting to the stage where she should be transitioning into her big girls cot in the next room (sob….) but I don’t think I could deal with 6 trips through to her room just to put the dummy back in.
Any tips mums? Has anyone been/going through this? Is it a phase? Or am I doing something to encourage it?
It’s beginning to look likely that she may actually be in with us until she’s 7…..

We had a pretty rocky start to the week involving Livs milk. Again, if you’ve read previous blog posts, you’ll know that we’ve had a LOT of issues relating to severe reflux, poor weight gain and suspected CMPA (cows milk protein allergy). Since around 12/13 weeks we’d had things relatively under control with Neocate prescription formula and ranitidine 3 times daily. Although it can sometimes be a nightmare requesting the milk in time and being questioned over our useage, in general it has been fine and as long as it was helping liv, we were happy doing anything. This particular week, we encountered a seriously unhelpful GP receptionist which resulted in us being completely out of her formula and having to resort to normal branded formula to feed her with.
Cue major anxieties and ‘worst mum in the world’ type thoughts. Thankfully, I managed to get hold of the HV and we agreed that we’d use this as a trial back onto regular formula.
Although I was apprehensive, I’ve never fully believed she’s had a proper milk allergy as apart from the poor weight gain and reflux symptoms, there weren’t any other indicators such as the mucous nappies and rashy skin. My husband and I had been discussing trialling it for a little while so it made sense to do it now before weaning fully started.
We’re almost a week into it now and I actually cannot believe the difference. She absolutely guzzles her bottles now, she’s not as sicky (probably because Neocate is exactly like milky water so a lot thinner than regular milk) and thankfully the pain is being kept at bay from the ranitidine.
It could purely be down to the fact that she’s bigger now, therefore not as refluxy or it could be that the ranitidine was doing the job on it’s own the whole time but either way, I’m beyond happy that she seems to be ok on regular milk.

Because she had the major milk change, we were advised to stop with food this week as if she was to react or become more refluxy then we would know it was down to the milk rather than it potentially being because of the food. Over the course of the weekend though, we’ve been giving little bits and she’s been a LOT more interested this time around. She wolfed down banana and had a little bit of avocado and actively opened her mouth to the spoon rather than clamping it shut. I’m going to start properly tomorrow so fingers crossed it goes better than last time!

I’m REALLY enjoying this stage of baby-hood. She’s been such a happy wee soul and is really engaging with us, smiling, giggling and babbling away. She’s so keen to get moving and learn new skills and it’s just amazing to watch. It’s such a change from the newborn stage, which admittedly, I found really challenging at times. As enjoyable as the non stop projectile vomiting, wet and dirty nappy obsession and the sleepless nights were, I’m glad to enter into this new stage.
Boy do I miss those newborn cuddles though…. 😢😢

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