Twenty eight weeks today.
Twenty eight whole weeks since this little madam arrived.
Twenty eight whole weeks of love.


Some kind of black magic happened in my life this week…..
My baby actually napped. In her cot.
Yep, you read it right, in her actual cot!!
It may have only been for 22minutes, but you’ve gotta take the small wins for what they are.
I’ve been trying for a while now for the cot napping, but it just wasn’t happening. There were either a LOT of tears (from her too) or a very awake Olivia lying there, chatting and giggling as I death stare the baby monitor, willing her to sleep.

We’ve often relied on the sleepyhead for her daytime naps and when she’s out and about, she’ll sleep in the pram/car seat. So it’s probably my fault for not introducing this sooner (Screw you mum guilt!) I’ve persevered with it though and we may finally be making progress?!

This does however, lead me to asking the question…. What kind of witchcraft is involved in making your baby sleep for longer than half an hour?! I swear if there was a potion, the person could make millions! Olivia is a huuuuge fan of the ‘power nap,’ as I like to call it. JUST when you think it’s safe to leave the napping zone and venture out for a hot cup of tea/shower/put a wash on, these little eyes ping open.
Yep love, that’ll be 28minutes on the dot then.
I’ve tried all the conventional methods, and sometimes, just sometimes, she’ll do that miraculous thing where she’ll wake after a little bit, do a little tour of the room with her eyes and decide that she’ll drift off back to sleep again (Obviously that’s at a time when there isn’t a hot cup of tea and a biscuit moment to ruin.)
During these episodes, she can sometimes sleep for an hour/90 minutes, which is bloody amazing.
It’s happened about 3 times in her whole existence but at least i know it can happen.
But seriously, is there any tips from knowing mums as to how to try and lengthen them? I’ve googled ‘How can I make my baby nap longer’ so many times that it now comes into the box after I’ve typed the first letter…..
Before the 6month mark, we lived in a blissful routine of about 5 power naps a day – it worked pretty well for both of us. But as we all know, babies LOVE to lull us into a false sense of routine security before switching it up entirely. Now she’s dropping naps left, right and centre but not elongating her nap times. So we’re left with an overtired ‘dream’ by the evening. Has this happened to any others? How did you go about solving this?


There are so many do’s & donts surrounding baby sleep (….and literally everything else baby related for that matter)
‘Don’t feed your baby to sleep’
‘Let them learn to self-settle’
‘If you use a dummy, you’ll regret it’
‘NEVER co-sleep’

It’s no bloody wonder that a lot of us are anxiety-ridden nightmares when it comes to sleep, naps and routines. It’s hard to know what the right thing to do is. I’m not ashamed to admit that at the peak of my sleep deprivation, I co-slept, fed to sleep AND stuck a dummy in afterwards. If I dared put Liv in her crib awake, the whole street would know about it. You just do what you have to do to get through those long nights. Similarly, there’s a LOT of napping advice out there and its trying to figure out what will help our particular situation. I guess its all trial and error isn’t it?
I feel like we’ve pretty much nailed the bedtime routine. She can go down in her cot fairly awake and self settle within minutes at that time.
So why, oh why, does she fight it so much at nap times?! Its absolutely soul destroying seeing them SO tired that they can barely open their eyes, yet fight it to the death. I just don’t understand why they fight it so much?! If someone said to me that I could nap multiple times through the day, do you think I’d wait around to be told twice?! I’d be giving it big zeds at ANY opportunity given. Its probably the cruelest thing out there that babies come programmed to fight sleep when you’re at the most sleep deprived stage in your entire life. I realise a lot of it is knowing your babys cues and jumping on that tiny window of opportunity at which they’re tired but not so overtired they can’t sleep.
Livs window seems to last 0.7seconds at the minute.
Maybe introducing some sort of routine would maybe help me so I’d be more aware and know to look out for these cues?

I’ve never been overly stressed about having a nap routine (HAH!) as apart from the baby classes, I can be really flexible with my days, so I don’t want to force certain times on her in which she has to nap. I fully believe that she’ll develop her own little routine in her own time as that’s what she’s done with other things such as feeding and bedtime etc. But it probably wouldn’t hurt to give her a little helping hand along. ANYTHING to avoid the sleep fighting battles.


Ultimately, what I’m slowly starting to realise, is that there is no ‘wrong’ in motherhood as long as what you’re doing is through love and trying the best you can. Something I’m definitely doing. I’m sure she’ll figure it out eventually and i know there’s not some ‘magic cure’ out there for it, but its just nice to hear similar stories of people going through it or even better, those who have been through it and made it to the other side.

In the meantime? I’ll be here enjoying my 20minute housework catch up, 30second shower and my lukewarm cup of tea. #mumlife

One comment

  1. I wish I had some magic words of wisdom! We kind of have the opposite issue. My little man generally naps well, as long as he’s in his cot. When we’re out and about (anywhere other than in the car mid-journey) getting him to sleep is near impossible. I guess he thrives off routine and the excitement of being other places with other people around just proves too much of a distraction when he needs a nap.

    I hope you discover a miracle method for prolonging your little ladies naps!

    Oh and I am so guilty of wasting the bulk of naptime on instagram etc, then sorely regretting it when I get up to do the thing I should really be doing only to instantly hear the sound of a waking baby upstairs! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 xx


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