Thirty weeks today.
Thirty whole weeks since this little madam arrived.
Thirty whole weeks of love.


For anyone that is reading this, that doesn’t know me or my husband, I cannot emphasise enough how much my daughter takes after her dad. I’ve seriously NEVER met a baby who looks so like one parent in my whole life. I don’t think there’s a single feature of mine on her whole body….. even her little developing personality traits indicate she is her father’s daughter.
This week however, she has FINALLY proven to me, that there’s a tiny bit of me in her.
I cannot get this girl to do anything just now, without her attention being stolen elsewhere by something else.
She might actually be the NOSIEST baby I’ve ever known…..
It now takes double the time to feed her because she’s too busy contorting her body round so she can see who’s speaking, what’s on the tv or what the bloody dog is doing! She will sit and stare at everybody whenever I take her out, and it’s now getting more and more difficult trying to laugh off the fact that she will do nothing in her Hartbeeps class apart from stare at the teacher….
Trust her to get THAT bloody trait from me.
I’m loving the fact she’s so on the ball and aware of everything – it’s SO funny watching her suss things out. But maybe staring at someone for 10minutes without blinking is a bit intense, hun.

In other news, we’ve had a bit of a mixed bag this week in relation to her sleep patterns.
It started off on Monday.
We had a really bad Monday. I’m not entirely judgey of her meltdown because I too, hate Mondays. But she maybe took it to the extreme.
All was fine and well in the morning, but then 2pm hit. Suddenly, it wasn’t just crying, it was screaming.
Inconsolable screaming.

I fed her, changed her, took all her clothes off, put them all back on, tried her with a feed again, tried to cuddle her, settle her, get her to sleep. I put every single teething related medicine on to her gums and even tried paracetamol. NOTHING was helping.
So I threw her in the pram (not literally, even though my sanity was pretty much non existent at that point) and we went on a walk. This settled her for long enough that I thought it was safe enough to return home.
It wasn’t.
She finally gave up the goose about half 4. Just in time for dad coming home of course.
‘How was your day darling?’
‘A bit of a nightmare actually, she screamed pretty much solidly for 2 and a half hours.’

Meanwhile Olivia looks up at her daddy, full of smiles and giggles.
‘Mmmm really? Must have been a nightmare.’ (In the most disbelieving voice I’ve ever heard.)
How often does that happen by the way?! A particularly difficult day resulting in all sweetness and light by the time dad comes home?? Or is it just Olivia and I am infact, a crap mum…..?!

Although we had no further daytime episodes, her sleeping at night has gone to whack. Wakening several times sobbing, wanting her dummy put in, or just to be picked up and put back down again.
Although dummy-gate is still ongoing, she had gotten so much better since moving into her own room – some nights even sleeping through the night without a wake up.
This week however, she decided that she’d shake things up a bit. Not content with one wake up call, or even two. No, she had at least FIVE wake up calls. It was the kind of nights where you’re just starting to drop off, half an hour later, and then you get another call through…..
Needless to say the coffee has been on tap this week.


I originally thought the altered sleeping was to do with teething – I know it can bring about unsettled nights, and she was showing all the physical symptoms (red cheeks, fingers in the mouth, slavers for daaaaays) but I wasn’t convinced that it would lead to lengthened daytime naps.
A notorious power napper, I just about went into shock when it had got to twenty to 10 and she hadn’t woken from her 9am nap. Of course, after checking she was infact still breathing, i cursed myself that I hadn’t been more productive with the time. I literally sat and watched the baby monitor, waiting on her waking. Every time i thought i could do something, i reasoned with myself that she would wake up in a minute….and then two hours passed. Seriously, no word of a lie. She slept for TWO WHOLE HOURS. Is this what normal mums feel like after their very normal, well behaved babies nap for this length of time?! It’s bloody brilliant!!
She then went on to do this for the next three days.
She woke up happy, I showered, dressed, got my make up on, washed up, successfully managed to ignore the dusting and ironing every morning….I basically felt like I had my life back in order again, and all was right with the world.

Its maybe down to a growth spurt? Developmental leap? Who knows…..
But just when I was starting to get used to her new daytime routine and fumbling my way through the multiple night wakings, on Wednesday night, she slept through. Which wss brilliant. But then her naps went back to 30minutes. Apart from the one special morning that involved no nap at all – she’s a massive fan of the nap avoidance scheme at times.
That was great fun.
I was grateful for the full nights sleep but then here i was again, having a 30second power shower followed by a slick of moisturiser and hair stuck up in a mum bun that would rival miss Trunchbulls.
I’m not entirely sure what to do to encourage longer naps when she’s sleeping well at night? I know us mums can’t have it all, and i’m VERY lucky with the night time sleeping but now I’ve had a taste of the longer daytime naps, I want more.
Is there such a thing as a good night time sleeper AND a great daytime napper?!


Have a great week guys!
Until next time….

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