Thirty two weeks today.
Thirty two whole weeks since this little madam arrived.
Thirty two whole weeks of love.


These past couple of weeks, we’ve had the very identifiable first words.
Shes been chattering away for a while now but this last couple of weeks, we have seen such a difference in her babbling. To the point where she very clearly says ‘dada.’ Of course, dad is made up with this, even though she must say it 243million times a day now – saying it to the tv, her toy bear, even the bloody dog! She’s not yet got to the stage where she knows what shes saying or who to say it to obviously, as she’s too young, but it’s SO cute hearing her say little words.
My husband turned to me last week as I was repeating her ‘dada’ back to her, and said ‘it’s amazing that you’re encouraging her to say dad; a lot of mums would be trying to get their baby to say mama.’ I’m not entirely sure where he gets his sources from, but even if it were true, I’m just genuinely so excited to hear her using her little voice and putting together noises and sounds, that I’m hardly going to stop encouraging her to speak just because her first words weren’t anything ‘mum’ related.
Mind you, I’m pretty sure she says ‘mum, why are you such an idiot?’ at least ten times a day. But I’m just not sure it counts when she’s saying it with her eyes…..?!


Speaking of development, I think we may have a ‘bum shuffler’ on the cards. She doesn’t seem overly keen on the whole crawling idea. She gets REALLY frustrated when she’s on her tummy and can’t move anywhere, especially as she still can’t roll, so she’ll pretty much last for about 30 seconds before she’s crying to get up again. She’s never happier than when she’s sitting up, most probably because she can see a lot more…. (nosiest little girl I know) She’s getting so confident at reaching over for her toys (or my phone, car keys, baby wipes…..) and can now keep her balance VERY well. Sometimes she needs a couple of ‘wobbles’ to give her enough of a lean to grab said object, so inevitably, it has led her to realise that she can maybe get to places by doing this. She’s not managed to move anywhere (yet) – other than tipping over onto her face, but she sure is determined! I wouldnt be surprised if it was on the cards in the near future. Did any of you guys have bum shufflers? Did it have any impact on their crawling/walking? I have a feeling if Liv starts moving this way, she’ll give up on the crawling altogether!


We’ve been socialising a lot over the past couple of weeks, partly due to the nicer weather and partly to do with ‘encouraging’ nap routines (HAH) and most of the time she’s been such a little angel!
‘She’s always such a happy baby.’
‘Oh my goodness, she’s so smiley.’
‘What a good baby you have.’

These are three comments that have been said by different individuals to me over the past little while. I feel an immense amount of pride when I hear things like that. She IS a really happy and smiley baby most of the time. She plays away for quite some time on her own, which of course leads to over-thinking – am I playing with her enough? Should i be interacting wth her more? (Does the worry ever end?!) I love nothing more than to see her smile and laugh away now, especially considering the hard start we had. It’s amazing getting to this point!
A comment that seems to go hand in hand with the previous ones, however, is ;
‘What an easy baby you have.’
Now THAT is an entirely different kettle of fish. It actually quite annoys me, that statement. It makes me feel like people think i have a really good time of it and that I spend my days sitting on the sofa, filing my nails, drinking copious amounts of (hot) tea, whilst my textbook baby sits and plays quite happily until nap time. Like I have no reason to feel as down or stressed out as other mothers with ‘difficult babies.’ (Again, why is a baby labelled as ‘difficult’ when it cries a lot?!)
What exactly IS an easy baby anyway?! I would maybe class a baby as easy if it could walk, feed itself, settle itself to sleep when tired and tell me what’s wrong with them instead of screaming down my lughole. But those types of babies dont exist…..
As i said earlier, I’m extremely lucky to have such a happy baby, but she’s certainly not like that all the time, and there are other things we have difficulties with, so please don’t insult me by saying that I have it ‘easy’ or have an ‘easy baby,’ otherwise, I’ll be forced to invite you round one afternoon when she’s thrown all her lunch up the wall, been fighting her sleep for hours and is screaming like a banshee.
Easy now, huh?


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