Thirty three weeks today.
Thirty three whole weeks since this little madam arrived.
Thirty three whole weeks of love.


‘Did you ever in your life imagine you’d become so obsessed with poo?
A question I’ve asked myself on more than one occasion recently. Now, I’m a nurse by profession, so I speak about poo quite a bit. But never in my wildest dreams, did I think I would spend SO much time obsessing over my baby doing a poo.
Back in the newborn days, I even had an app! An actual app that monitored how many wet & dirty nappies Liv would have in a day….. God forbid she would go a day without doing one at that stage – it’d be ultimate panic stations (massaging the tummy, cooled boiled water, phoning the forever engaged health visitor….) until she had one.
It turns out old habits die hard. I still get a bit anxious when she hasnt gone in a while. So imagine the state of me when it got to DAY FOUR without one.
With weaning, I know it’s SO common for them to become bunged up, but up until point, she’d managed to avoid any real problems. Even then, on day 4, apart from the fact she hadn’t had a poo, she seemed her usual self. She was happy, feeding well, sleeping well…. in fact, if possible, it was as if she was MORE content?! So obviously I more than made up for it by being extremely neurotic about absolutely everything. Frantically massaging her tummy whist shovelling prunes down her neck and googling ‘how to get my baby to poo’ – I was like a woman possessed.
Turns out, i neednt have bothered getting so het up about it – Liv was simply waiting for the perfect time in which to cause me a bit of extra work and stress.
That time folks?
Bath-time of course.


Speaking of bathtime, Liv has decided that SHE is now in charge of her bedtime routine.
We’ve had a good routine in place since she was about 3months old – playtime, bathtime, bottle then bed. Although we’d been pretty strict with the actual routine, we’ve never been hugely strict about the timings. On an average night, Liv would go to bed around half past eight, which although sounds late to a lot of folk, it worked for us and she slept through, so why change it? Plus, it meant I got to watch Hollyoaks before bathtime (Tony is STILL in it?!) and often manage something to eat at a reasonable time. She would always have what most would consider a ‘danger nap’ at around 5pm and that would always see her through. If I tried to prevent it, she would become so overtired by bedtime that it would take forever to get her to sleep, so again, I just rolled with it.
I’d often find myself comparing Liv to other babies, (why break the habit of a lifetime, hey?) stressing that other parents managed to get their baby sleeping by 7pm and wondering if Liv would benefit from an earlier bedtime. Trying to think of ways I could bring her bedtime forward without disrupting the routine TOO much, i often asked other mums for advice. I’d often be met with the response that it’ll happen naturally and to let my baby guide me etc. Someone actually said once that ‘she’ll tell you know when you need to bring it forward.’
Brilliant advice Carol, I’m sure one night she’ll just turn round and go ‘Right mum, I’ve had enough of this Hollyoaks crap, get me bed, yeah? I’m shattered after a hard day of throwing all my food on the floor.’
Turns out Carol may have been right….
With the introduction of food at dinner time, shes decided she’s not got time for a nap afterwards now, which often means she goes from about half 2 in the afternoon without napping. Around 6ish, she was starting to show some signs of wanting to sleep – the nodding dog, rubbing her eyes etc so we thought we’d try and do the bedtime routine earlier. Now, anyone who has a baby that sleeps well at night, will know the VERY REAL anxiety that comes with introducing anything new that could potentially affect their sleep…..
Fortunately enough, she was so ready for her bed that she fell asleep on the bottle and went down without a fuss by 7pm. She then slept until 7am. This has continued for the week and seems to be working out well up until this point – I daren’t say anything more just in case. You know how those babies like to make liars out of us.
So, cheers Carol, and for your advice. If I’d only listened to you at that point, I couldve saved myself a couple months of worry….


I’m gonna finish off with the highlight of my week – I know, I know, it’s shocking that it’s not the poo-bath, but this moment just pipped it.
Olivia has learnt to wave.
It is one of the sweetest things I’ve seen her do. She has started to become far more aware of her hands and feet recently, and whenever she lifts her hand now, she looks at it and does, what looks like, the royal wave.
Its fantastic.
She’s not quite mastered the waving in response to other people waving at her but I’m sure it won’t be long. Especially since my favourite thing to do right now is wave right in her face at multiple intervals in the day.
I think I’ve said it at least 456285 times before, but this stage of learning and developing that she’s at, is honestly the best.

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