Thirty nine weeks today.
Thirty nine whole weeks since this little madam arrived.
Thirty nine whole weeks of love.


My (not so) little Liv is nine months old today.
I know I say this every new month, but seriously, how did that happen?!
I feel like she was just born yesterday while simultaneously feeling like I’ve known her my whole life.
So what is life like with a nine month old…..?
Here’s a (very) brief update on what my life with Liv is like at the moment.


Let’s start with the most important thing. Or at least the most talked about thing.
Although a million miles away from the newborn sleep deprivation, we’ve had our ups and downs with the ol’ sleeping through the night journey recently. Navigating through leaps and growth spurts, tied in with teething pain (I think….) has led to several wake up calls and disgustingly early mornings. This month has been one of the toughest with a beautiful combination of the three.
I don’t think I can explain the nap situation well or accurately in words. Certainly not through non-exoletive words. Everytime I think I’ve cracked it, she likes to throw that good old curve ball my way…. she could almost go professional with that ball now I reckon. We’ve had days with seven naps, we’ve had days with one long nap, weve had days with two decent naps and then we’ve had the (too many) days of absolutely no naps. One things for sure, you’re never guaranteed the same nap routine twice….
By this stage, I felt for sure the sleepless nights and nap avoidance would be a thing of the past but it just goes to show, baby sleep is most definitely NOT linear. Which is a bloody sanity saving thought when you’re in the midst of sleep deprivation hell but also a stark reminder to make the most of the times they do sleep through, as that also may not last long…. Oh, and keep your coffee stash WELL stocked up.

Weaning-wise, I’ve yet to find a food this girl does not enjoy. Considering myself and her dad were little fuss-pots when we were babies, with her dad literally living off of trifle (hey, it was the 80s) I was fully expecting the worst. So to see her wolf down everything I’ve given her has been a VERY pleasant surprise. Although we got off to a slow start with the weaning, we’ve more than made up for it recently which has meant we’ve been able to wean down the milk quite quickly too. We’re almost down to two bottles a day – I’m 100% being led by her so on days where she needs it, I’m more than happy to give her a third. Especially those days where the nap fighting is at professional level….warm milk is this babys kryptonite!


In terms of her development? Well that’s definitely not been textbook. As per ‘the perfect baby manual,’ Liv should of been rolling over by 4months, sitting up by 6, crawling at present and have at least her bottom teeth…..
She SMASHED the rolling at the grand old age of 8months, granted she was sitting up unaided by 6months but she’s nowhere near crawling and as I’ve said before, not a tooth in sight. Yet she’s taken her first steps….
She’s chatting away, making all the appropriate sounds for her stage – ‘dada’, ‘iya’ etc and she’s VERY interested in her surroundings. As the health visitor stated – extremely visually aware.
I.e – nosy as f**k.
She’s also started to lift her hands up towards me when I go to pick her out of the highchair or the car seat, which I find so bloody cute – but I’m sure the novelty will wear off VERY soon….
She’s middle of the road for weight & height, which has meant she has caught up massively from her teeny, tiny prem days. She has the bluest of eyes, the chubbiest of cheeks and thick strawberry blonde hair, with a hint of the curls that she’ll undoubtedly have.


Last but not least, her little personality. The BEST and most interesting thing about her development in my opinion. I just love seeing little traits develop and can’t wait to see what she picks up from us. As I mentioned earlier, she’s nosy to the stage where I’m almost embarrassed by her at times. As in, full on staring at strangers in a cafe, embarrassing….
She’s got the cheeky, impish look down to an absolute T. In fact, her expressions are absolutely spot on already – even down to her little frown when she’s trying to understand something.
She’ll give a little moan or cry when she feels she doesn’t have any attention, only for her face to turn into the cheekiest little grin when we look over at her.
She loves playing ‘peek-a-boo’ with us and peeking her head around objects to see things. She LOVES getting her tummy ticked and her back lightly scratched. Her newest obsession is the pooch – she has to be looking at him at ALL times when he’s in the room and he’s so protective over her – I hope that never changes.
I KNOW we’ll have a little diva on our hands as she already tries to throw a tantrum if we take something away from her or do something she doesn’t like. Which is pretty much every morning and night as this gal hates getting dressed. We may have a little nudist on our hands in the future.
One things for sure, she’s DEFINITELTY got a wild side…..


Happy 9months baby gal, you’re the best thing to have ever happened to us.

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