Forty four weeks today.
Forty four whole weeks since this little madam arrived.
Forty four whole weeks of love.


This week, little baby Liv turned 10 months old. How has this happened?!? We are only two months off her being a year old….
Does that mean I can no longer call her my baby Liv when it comes?! She’ll pretty much be a toddler soon. I feel like she’ll always be my baby though – I’ll definitely be one of those mums that shouts ‘Baby Liiiiv’ to her as she walks through the school gates, much to her disgust I’m sure.
She’s coming on leaps and bounds at the moment and learning so many new things.
The cutest thing she does at the minute? Imitating noises I make and tones that I use. There is a book I’ve read quite regularly to her, in which I have to ROAR like a lion. She now knows to copy this noise and roars when I do. When i get on to her and use my serious voice, she’ll almost do a growl noise and if I do a high pitched laugh, her little babbles will copy. I can’t help but laugh when she does it, it’s just amazing.
….Just remind me of this feeling though, when I have a child who repeats every sentence back to me in a few years time.


Now, it’s been at least one whole blog post since I spoke about sleep. And that’s just not sitting with me that well. It’s not because we’ve had a miraculous break through and she now sleeps through every single night and naps like a dream though. It’s more because sometimes I even bore myself with how much I speak about it.
But alas, here we are again. Turns out it’s one of the most important topics of our journey, and in order for it to stay as honest as it has been, it’s only right that I speak about it.
Funnily enough, during the night, we’ve had more success than not! She’s slept through most of the week, which has been amazing! One of the major things that used to wake her so much, was when she lost her dummy. Now though, she’s now got to the stage where she can find it again and pop it back in herself, which is maybe one of my favourite developments to date….
Nap wise however, is causing a bit of a problem again. She sleeps SO well in her cot, which is amazing. If we have a day in the house, she naps really well – usually an hour or two in the morning and two in the afternoon. However, if we are out and about, the gal just will NOT sleep for love nor money. The car seat or the pram used to be the fail safes if she was in full nap-refusal mode. Yet, now, she just doesnt sleep if she’s not in her cot. I walked for 2 hours on Wednesday, for her to sleep for 15 minutes…..I could literally have jumped in the pram myself and slept, but ‘Nosy Norah’ was just not having it.
Morning isn’t usually an issue as she naps from about 8:30 so I just plan things for afterwards. But in the afternoon, she sleeps from around 2pm onwards – which leaves very little scope for an afternoon meet up or getting out of the house.
Is this common for babies? Is it just a phase?! Or is this going to be it now?! Lastly, any tips on how to get round it?


I’m going to finish off by speaking about a little goal that I’ve been working towards for the last while. Anyone who knows me or follows me on social media will know how much I love fitness and going to the gym. Obviously since having Liv, it took a major back seat until more recently when I decided that it was going to be something that I worked on and did in order to feel a bit more like ‘myself.’
With the help of a good friend who is training to be a PT, providing me with workouts, and another good friend who’s embarked on this post partum fitness journey with me, providing me with motivation, I finally hit my pre-pregnancy weight target!!
I’ve been working my butt off with regular home workouts and the occasional gym visit, which, coupled with healthy eating 90% of the time (obviously a 10% allowance HAD to be given to chocolate and gin, the mum essentials) has led to me shifting the weight. I know it’s not a huge achievement to many, but as a woman who naively thought I’d ‘bounce back,’ before realising that it’s really not that easy, I’m ecstatic that with a consistent (but realistic) healthy lifestyle, I’ve achieved this goal I’ve set myself.

One comment

  1. Well done on your pre-pregnancy weight result! Amazing work. I’ve found it’s so much harder to push myself and have time to keep it up since having a little one to juggle as well.

    And I’m with you on the nap stuff. My boy naps like a dream at home in his cot, but out and about it’s a complete nightmare unless we’re in the car. But now we’ve moved into a ‘big’ car seat that’s only really helpful if we’re doing a long journey because I can no longer put the seat straight into the pram if we arrive somewhere while he’s sleeping. 😫 If you find a fool-proof way round the public nap avoidance PLEASE share it with me! 😂 xx


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