Forty seven weeks today.
Forty seven whole weeks since this little madam arrived.
Forty seven whole weeks of love


One of my favourite parts about the stage that Liv is at now, is watching her little personality develop and grow. How is it possible for a 10 month old baby to be so cheeky at times?! Where do they learn it from? Is it innate? This past little while has seen the introduction of a little bit of stubbornness and there’s definitely a wild streak in there somewhere.
It’s inevitably got me thinking about my own personality, what traits she’s taken from me, which remind me of her dad. Have we always been like that? Were we like Liv when we were younger?! I’ve always loved hearing memories from my parents about the way I was when I was young, so it’s even more amazing listening to them now and learning about the similarities I share with my daughter. Between both sets of parents, we’ve managed to get a pretty clear answer as to why Liv is probably the way she is….


Let’s start with that little wild side….
Although ‘wild’ was probably never a word used to describe me in my childhood, there were definitely moments which alluded to a little devil inside me. Take one early morning for example, around about pre-school age – On getting up at ridiculous o’clock and realising no adults were awake, I must have decided it would be nice to get some lights on. Obviously i was a little small to reach the switch and in my toddler mind, must have thought my best shot would be to climb up on to the nest of tables sitting underneath the switch….. As predicted, a nasty fall ensued, paired with a lovely trip up to the royal infirmary and a box of duplo for being ‘brave.’ Or a numpty, really.
To take a positive out of this, I really felt that I showed great initiative and creativity at a VERY young age. Something that definitely wasn’t applauded at the time…..ahem. Despite this, and a couple of other incidents, I think it’s fair to say that I was a pretty well behaved child.
Her dad on the other hand, was a little menace. Forever flying about and getting into trouble, it comes as no surprise that by the age of 3, he’d managed to unpick the lock on his front garden gate, in full view of his mum who was standing at the upstairs window, and on escaping through it, quickly swivelled round and held up his index finger towards his poor mum – obviously mimicking a rude gesture he’d seen before, but thankfully choosing the wrong finger. His favourite word was ‘No’ and as soon as he learnt, he was forever saying to his mum/dad/anyone that would listen – ‘not doing it.’ Whether that was eating, going somewhere he didn’t want to go, or even simply dressing in certain clothes.
On learning all this, it’s definitely worried me about future behaviour I’m more than likely going to have to contend with. And that’s just with the husband.


When it comes to appetites, lets just say Liv has a VERY healthy one. I’ve yet to come across a food she does not like. It remains a mystery as to where she’s inherited that from however, as her father and I were both horrendous eaters. My mum would despair with how little I would have, or even try – something i carried on through my entire childhood. I couldn’t eat the ‘black bits’ in the chicken, couldn’t have mash with even the tiniest of lumps and god forbid you used butter on anything…. The baby weight would’ve shifted a LOT faster had this still been the case, but I appear to be sub-consciously making up for all the food I didn’t eat in my childhood these days…..
If you think I sound bad, her father was on a whole different level. It got to the stage with him, where the only thing his poor mother could get him to eat was desserts. She alternated between trifle and custard on the regular and it was safe to say the health visitor wasnt best impressed!
The only similarity with our weaning journey with Liv to my mum’s with mine, is the water/juice situation. I could not for the life of me get Liv to drink any water – she just wasn’t interested. It’s only been very recently that she’s actually drank fairly well and it’s purely because I’ve put a tiny bit of diluted orange in to give it a bit of flavour. It wasn’t until my mum made it warm, that she lapped the entire thing up. Something she said she had to do for me as a little one….. I would never have thought to try that but my mum just did it on autopilot. It makes a lot of sense, as still to this day, I can’t drink ice cold water nor can I drink boiling hot tea.


Ending on a positive, one of her best traits (in my opinion) and the thing that most people comment on, is how happy and content a little girl she is. Something that makes me immensely proud and gives me hope that I’m doing something right with her. She is definitely an ‘easy’ baby, if such a thing exists – I can leave her playing on her own for however long, and she’ll entertain herself on the most part. She self settles to sleep and she could be passed to anyone and within minutes, be smiling away at them – something i hope never changes, although we’ll have to STRONGLY emphasise the whole ‘stranger danger’ talk with her in that case.
Although I was most definitely a clingy baby (sorry mum) I hope the rest is similar to the way I was as a baby. My dad often says that i was the ‘easier baby’ (sorry lois) and i slept a lot better but whether i was as content at her age, im not too sure. It’s certainly something I hope I pass on to her now. We’re both fairly laid back people – me definitely more so than my husband – and if I do feel anxious or stressed, I try not to let it show in front of Liv (usually helped by gin) but I know it’s mainly down to luck of the draw. I believe there’s only so much influence a parent has over the way their baby is at this stage and if youre struggling with a clingy baby or a baby who seems allergic to sleep, i don’t believe it’s any reflection on the way you parent, I just reckon you’ll probably get an easier time during toddler-hood.
Lets face it, I cant afford to be too smug about this as I’m well aware we have the toddler stage awaiting us, and I’m sure karma will be waiting with open arms for us…

Wish us luck!

I’d love to hear of the similarities between yourselves and your babies – what traits do they have of yours? And what traits do you hope they inherit?!

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