Forty nine weeks today.
Forty nine whole weeks since this little madam arrived.
Forty nine whole weeks of love.


We’re right in the midst of Leap number seven right now according to Wonder Weeks App. If you don’t have it, get it – i bet it could be responsible for a lot of your babys abnormal behaviour right now! Although something I haven’t spoke about a huge amount on previous blog posts, I feel that as she’s getting older, they’re starting to affect her even more?! I’m not sure if it is purely because as a newborn, liv had so many other issues outwith the leaps that affected her behaviour, that it just didn’t register. Whereas now, she’s usually such a content little soul, that a change in her behaviour at leap time is very evident.
This leap is the ‘world of sequences’ in which she will learn and develop patterns, and the sequence involved in events such as eating with a spoon etc. I definitely notice some things she is learning – opening drawers (brilliant) waving goodbye and turning pages in her books but with the introduction of the new developments, we’ve also said hello to clinginess and disrupted sleep patterns – and obviously extra cups of coffee. Although (thankfully) these leaps don’t last forever, there’s still over 2 weeks left in this one, which can feel like nearer 2 months when you’re suffering from the dreaded sleep deprivation. Although Liv hasn’t been too bad on that front recently, we’re back to the 10 second naps or the outright nap refusals just now. I am secretly loving the clinginess though – she crawls over, lifts her arms in the air you and cosies her head into my chest. Considering she’s never been a cosy baby, it’s honestly making my heart die a little inside, it’s so cute. So for that reason, and that reason only, I’m forgiving the rest of the leap behaviour….


As she’s getting to grips with moving (I say as she passes me in a blur) she seems intent on ruining the dogs life. She is obsessed with him. Before, they had a very amicable relationship, in the way that Hugo would often come over, sniff her and lie down until he felt he had been annoyed enough and moved away. Now however, he can’t do that. Or rather, he can, but now Liv just gets up and follows him wherever he goes. She obviously has no concept of ‘gentle’ so whenever she goes near him, she tries to grab whichever part of his body she can get – normally an ear or his tail. They’re never left alone together so when we feel she’s harassing the poor boy, we just separate them. Sometimes when we haven’t been quick enough to intervene, she manages to grab his tail and whereas most of the time he just leaps away, recently he gave a little growl – not surprising considering it must have surprised or hurt him. What’s difficult in that situation is that obviously we had to get on to him to show that growling at Liv will not be tolerated, but at the same time, it’s not his fault as she shouldn’t have grabbed him. Getting on to her just now though, is about as effective as having Trump as president- she just doesnt understand.
Any advice from fellow dog mums out there? Is this a phase? Or is there anything I should be doing right now to ease the situation?


This week also brings my first ‘keeping in touch’ day at work. Although I still have a little while before I return properly, the last 4 weeks of my time off is holidays, therefore I need to do my KiT days before this. I’m very apprehensive and probably feeling a lot more negative emotions about it at the moment, but I’m trying to remember that it’s a positive thing as well. Despite the personal prediction I’d made with myself as I waved goodbye to my job for 13 months, I have actually missed it. Not entirely surprising considering i’d spent the majority of my time there before having Liv. One thing I’m looking forward to is the social aspect – having a (hot) cup of tea and a blether with a colleague without a fidgety baby trying to wrestle out your grasp or smacking you on the head. Having a conversation about something other than your baby’s bowel movements or Mr Tumble. Don’t get me wrong, I take my hat off to the mums that stay at home – its no mean feat keeping a tiny human alive every day – but despite the fact I’ll undoubtedly speak about Liv the entire time I’m away from her, and look at photos of her at least 5375886 times in the day; I’m always going to be someone that needs something else on top of being ‘mum.’

Wish me luck guys…..


  1. Totally with you on the leaps front! The first time I felt like I ever got a proper cuddle from my previously not cuddly at all baby was in a clingy, out of character leap phase! It felt so special as he had never been like that before! Although the crankiness and above all sleep disruption make leaps a living nightmare at times 😱

    Good luck with your KIT days! I approached mine with a fair amount of dread (as i did going back to work about a month later as well) but I can honestly say I am now very pleased to be a working mum. It’s nice to have the balance! And the hot cups of tea and adult chat are a godsend. My top tip – if Liv has erratic sleep phases once you are back to work keep an emergency stash of red bull in your desk drawer just in case you have a day where you can hardly keep your head up! 🙊😂 xxx

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