Fifty weeks today.
Forty whole weeks since this little madam arrived.
Forty whole weeks of love.


Let’s just say this week probably could do without actually being documented – it’s one of those weeks that’ll conveniently get chucked into the ‘long forgotten’ memory file of motherhood, so that it doesn’t deter us from procreating in the future. And hopefully never to be repeated….

Slightly dramatic, but you get the jist.
It’s been pretty tough going.

It started off with going back to work. As I explained in last week’s blog post; I had my first ‘keeping in touch’ day and although a little apprehensive at the thought of leaving Liv, I was looking forward to a little bit of adult time and returning to a job that I loved. What made it easier, was knowing that it was only for one day and I’d be back to my favourite proper ‘job’ in no time….
There’s been a huge turnover of staff in the year that I’ve been away and almost half the staff will be new to me, which is quite a daunting thought. Thankfully, I was on shift with a lot of the girls that I knew and worked with before, so it definitely eased me in. Although it was a very straightforward day and there were a lot of positives – namely that I remembered how to actually adult – I was disappointed that I came away feeling a bit deflated. I spent most of the day thinking about Liv and wanting to be back home with her – whether it was cos i knew she wasn’t feeling well or whether it’s just going to be the way of it now, I guess time will tell. But even the ability to have a hot cup of tea and a lunch without disturbances wasn’t enough for me to actually ‘enjoy’ my working day. I have another day this Friday to hopefully restore my faith of gaining some sort of enjoyment from the whole ‘working mother’ role.
After that though, it’ll be another whoooole month before I go back so I’m 100% going to absorb and make the most of the last few drops of maternity life while I can.


Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier on, Liv hasn’t been very well this week. In fact, we all haven’t. Nobody could accuse this household of not being a ‘caring is sharing’ one as we’ve all been VERY keen to share this nasty little bug! Why is it always the week that your husband is off, and therefore have the ability to actually do fun stuff together, that illness strikes?! Is it like this for everyone or have we just got some bad karma going on just now?
Liv seemed to have it bad though – maybe down to the fact it’s her first proper viral illness or maybe because it was just a particularly nasty bug but her temperature was really high despite paracetamol and she was just not for settling. She wouldn’t take any food, was just wanting to cosy in and just seemed really easily upset. We’d contacted the doctor who wanted to see us just incase. They assessed her and couldnt find a clear cause but advised us to monitor her temp and contact again in 3 days if it didn’t settle. Thankfully by the end of the working week, she was showing signs of getting better – based on the fact she managed to chase and grab the dogs tail three times in 10minutes, she definitely had her energy back….
Only for me to succumb to it, after very smugly declaring that I had a brilliant immune system and rarely getting ill. Even I’ll admit I deserved it.
So after spending the last few days in and out of bed (the only positive to being ill when the husband is off, is that you can actually relax a little more than you could on a normal day with child) I’m finally starting to turn a corner and ‘mum’ effectively again.


Short and not so sweet this week – Hopefully this coming week will be a more successful one!

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